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 I’ve been showing dogs for 15 years.  Norma has helped me a great deal. When I started AKC, I had know idea how to compete with pro handlers or even those that had been in this sport longer than me. I remember when I first met Norma my fearful puppy walked up to her as if she knew her, and then we started a conversation. Not long after that I attended my first Norma Smith Handling Seminar. I had been helped by several other people on how to handle, but none of them had provided the amount of knowledge and experience she gives in both in and out of her seminars. Since then I’ve Multiple Best of Breed wins, Group placements, and Group wins! Norma Smith Handling Seminars are incredible and I continue to go to them time and time again. I learn something new at each seminar. - Taylor Gassert


If you ever have the opportunity to take a seminar or learn from Norma don’t even think twice about it, just do it! It will be the best thing you can do for yourself, your dog and setting yourself up for future success in the ring. She’s the best of the best, really cares about the dogs, and wants to give you the tools to succeed. We honestly just can’t say enough good things." - Kristen Neufelder + Nate Adams

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Over the years, Norma has provided obedience training, therapy dog training, and professional dog handling services for my Briards. I’ve never seen better hands on a dog. She was patient, professional and 100% committed to insuring the health and well-being of my dog. With her help and hard work, my Briards are now trusted companions as well as beloved members of my family. My Briards are confident, happy and well adjusted. Norma helped speed the recovery of my dog, Ray, with her physical therapy assistance. - Karen Aznavoorian

 It's been an honor to have Norma teach my high school FFA Animal Science students about careers with dogs. She has covered topics such as: dog's nutritional needs, grooming and behavior. Norma is very knoweldgeable and can easily adapt to explaining the dog's needs to students of varying abilities. We look forward to having Norma's insight to aid our program in the future. - Devon O'Keefe


Norma and I first met in the early 1980’s. I was impressed by her innate knowledge of dogs and their individual needs. Dogs always came first...physical and mental needs. Norma has spent time training my Cavalier to become a service dog. I am always greatful for her wisdom. - Mary Silkworth, Tennessee

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